It’s time to tap, filch and smidge on the iPad you use to discover a novel way of interaction with the software designed for Adobe Photoshop. Now, you have the privilege of exploiting your iPad in a more efficient way. You can activate the software tools meant for Photoshop, browse and then select the open documents. But prior to utilizing the many facets of this new invention, it is important for you to know what […]

Those of you who love to Photoshop or flash 24 x 7, Adobe CS5.5 creative suite is a must have application. Marketed by Adobe, it is actually a collection of different ways of video editing, graphic designing and even web development. It is a powerful tool as it finds its use in a variety of different applications. Adobe creative suite 5.5 is the latest to be launched in the series. It was launched in the […]

These days, many people are aware of the fact that Adobe is one of the top high-tech organisms that bring their contribution to an amazing new world of digital experiences. Thanks to different developers, we are able to locate numerous new tools, techniques, and strategies, which literally redefine different aspects of our daily lives, including digital media and digital marketing. Adobe and Its Technologies It seems that lately, Adobe has become one of the most […]

Adobe Revel is not an unknown name in the field of photo sharing. It is the latest released version of Adobe which has been modified to offer the enhanced opportunities of making one’s photo collection more attractive. The software is best known for getting accessed easily with any digital device such as smart phone, ipad, ipod, iphone etc. to share and download the entire photo gallery without any issue of storage space and all. One […]

The Photoshop Touch is the latest innovation from Adobe and is aimed exclusively at tablet users. The name itself is an indicator of the software’s suitability to a touchscreen user interface. Tablet computers have created a huge niche for themselves and this has given a fillip to the development of a versatile ecosystem. Adobe is betting big on this massive and still growing segment with the launch of the Photoshop Touch. Adobe Photoshop Touch – […]

Adobe has launched a new wallpaper editing app after the huge success of Adobe Photoshop. This app is named Color Lava by Adobe and especially developed for Photoshop CS5. This is the latest Photoshop software used in touch pads as it is one of the touch apps developed by Adobe. Color Lava is compatible to Photoshop software of version 12.0.4 and advance versions. By using Color Lava, you can mix, dab or swirl custom colors, […]

The digital negative is an image format which is raw open and owned by Adobe. This format is generally used for digital photography. The format was launched on the 24th of September in the year 2004. These kinds of file formats are popular in digital photography because these formats offer better creative control on the photographs. There are various raw formats used in digital photography but the specifications of them are not known to the […]

Camera raw is an ultimate product of Adobe. This system in Photoshop CS5 provides the opportunity of quick assessment to the raw images in digital style cameras.  It is the best quality software which is often used for editing graphics. Although there are many such kind of computer tools available on the internet but, it is the most popular software because of its accurate function. It is very widely used for the purpose of editing […]

The market is now flooded with software that help the consumers to edit the photos. This software finds great utility in the field of photo editing and Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 is the latest version of such kind of software that seems to have taken the market by storm. Sensational photos can be created from everyday memories which can be cherished forever. Photos are something that is often preserved for years to come and even […]

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is one of the latest photos editing software. It is useful for the professional photographers to get perfection in the photos. Although a wide variety of photo editing softwares can be downloaded from internet still the use of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is mostly advisable to impart a perfect look to the photos. There are many websites available over the internet to download this awesome software in a personal computer. So […]