It’s time to tap, filch and smidge on the iPad you use to discover a novel way of interaction with the software designed for Adobe Photoshop. Now, you have the privilege of exploiting your iPad in a more efficient way. You can activate the software tools meant for Photoshop, browse and then select the open documents. But prior to utilizing the many facets of this new invention, it is important for you to know what Adobe Nav actually is and how it can be of help to you.

Adobe Nav can help you modify the highly useful Photoshop toolbar as per your choice. But you would need to couple it with a network link existing between the computer and your iPad. Adobe Nav will thus come into use and will enable you to get an access to the tools most used by you. You can browse, rearrange, scrutinize, observe as well as zoom in to a maximum of 200 unlocked Photoshop documents on your iPad. A document can be made active in Photoshop just by tapping on the document on your iPad. Once you are done with the process, disconnect your iPad from the network and then use your iPad to personally share files with others. Novel creative possibilities will emerge once you use the amazing software.

Adobe Nav also reinvents the iconic toolbar primarily for tablet. Users now have an opportunity of customizing the existing toolbar so as to keep only those tools which they want. The size of the icons can be increased by as much as 16 times thereby enabling them to look more beautiful and present a beautiful sight. It has such wonderful features that can make your iPad function in a much better way. A simple tap on the edit option can start doing the magic and the tools start playing apart.  You can relocate them, delete some of them, drag some others or just leave the spaces open.

If you want to browse open documents you just need to double tap on it. It is so simple and within seconds you would be able to view all the unlocked Photoshop files. Neither do you need to go through each file name to search the one you are looking for nor utilize the tabbed view of Photoshop which has every possibility of selecting wrong file. File data can easily be seen just by a double tap on the document which enables it to flip over. Selection of documents is equally easy with the help Adobe Nav and helps you use your iPad to control the functioning procedure.

Adobe Nav is highly useful for website designers who keep constructing pages and after various stages in Photoshop are able to create their duplicates. This errand is quite full of hassles but the same errand can become very easy with the help of Adobe Nav. You can develop a more intuitive method of working by utilizing this sophisticated software and notice the world of difference it creates in the way you have been working all this while.