Adobe has launched a new wallpaper editing app after the huge success of Adobe Photoshop. This app is named Color Lava by Adobe and especially developed for Photoshop CS5. This is the latest Photoshop software used in touch pads as it is one of the touch apps developed by Adobe. Color Lava is compatible to Photoshop software of version 12.0.4 and advance versions. By using Color Lava, you can mix, dab or swirl custom colors, and with this app you can also develop a theme just from your finger tips, which can be used in Photoshop CS5 software by Adobe.

There are some of the most used languages also installed in Color Lava such as German, French, and Japanese and of course English. You can also have access within an instant to color creations that you have done in Photoshop CS5; it only requires a connection of iPad to the computer. Some of the advantages of Color Lava are as follows:
One can interact with Photoshop CS5 physically. You just have to tap a swatch on the screen of your iPad and get started with it; make themes for your Adobe Photoshop CS5 and apply or share them. You can also smudge, dab, swirl your finger tips to create individual color combinations acceding to your inspiration or independent thought, that’s how your interaction with colors and technology, become real time. The library of the swatch may remind your childhood, when you use a compass of water-colors or you may find yourself like a makeup artist who is playing with his kit, while browsing this library.  It can also be built out to carry 300 themes or around 1500 colors; foreground color for the Photoshop can be easily changed by just tapping the specific color in the library.

Christoph Moskalonek is the designer of this app he just tried to make people enjoy as the app brought color for digital paint that an individual can paint through a touch of his/her finger tips. With this amazing app – the Color Lava, you can connect with your PC and your friends via emails, you are also able share your themes with them, through this app. Apart from these technical features, it also has an artistic feature; you can convert your creative imagination to a real time art with this app and you are also able to play with colors, which bring so much fun.

The basic requirement of this app is the Adobe Photoshop CS5, to connect with your PC. It only supports the version 12.0.4 or the versions launched after this. Make anything with colors, and you can edit it on your pc by Photoshop CS5; or if you have older versions, then simply download the updates of Photoshop to make your older version Photoshop, an advanced one.

At last a small tip for all you Color Lava users or the people who are going to download it after reading this article; for adjusting brightness, saturation and hue just tap twice on circle shaped color wells. You may also drag then drop the square shaped swatch on a circular color well to play with existing colors.