Just before the release of Adobe CS5, the CEO Shantanu Narayen, commented on Apples’ decision not to support Flash in their operating system, said that all the clients worldwide do want flash support on their devices. In fact, flash is synonymous with Internet due to the fact that a great deal of games and 3/4 of videos on the web run on flash players. More on, there are millions of sites created for flash, so lack of flash support hurts all the users. Mr. Narayen stressed more that there was a number of companies that wanted to get Flash support on their mobile devices and were making efforts intensively with Adobe. Such companies are Google, RIM and Palm that were supposed to begin to release Flash on the devices in the second part of this year.

Nowadays we can realise that Flash is coming to variety of mobile devices using such OS as Android or BlackBerry. Motorola was the first to release a smartphone with preinstalled Flash Player 10, this device was called DROID 2. You know, flash player performed great on it. Content created with Flash runs greatly on devices with various screens whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. In the video Ben Forta, Adobe Evangelist, will show how Flash player works on the new Samsung that is running Android.

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